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The mixing master, F_Eazy

A 25-year-old DJ is bringing wildfire to nightclubs all around South Africa, so if you see the name F_Eazy on a poster make sure you don’t miss out on seeing what he has to offer.

This extraordinary young DJ from Pietermaritzburg has even played alongside the world renown Black Coffee! Other artists who F_Eazy has also performed with include the talented DJ Kent and South African top artist Cassper Nyovest. There are many more to name so follow F_Eazy on social media and see for your self.


But when did this DJ come to rise one would ask? Many who know F_Eazy would say it was back in 2009 when he first started mixing. After that, things started to pick up and before F_Eazy knew it, people, where starting to fall in love with his mad skills.

Experimenting with new tracks and sounds play a big part in defying F_Eazy’s skill set. In 2012 he tried mixing both House and Hip-Hop music. To no surprise, that was a huge success and thus F_Eazy’s uniqueness was established. His music has also been heard on radio stations like 5FM, VoW FM, and Metro FM.

“Trust me when I say, this kid is going places.”

Twitter: F_EazyDJ

Instagram: F_EazyDJ

Facebook: F_EazyDJ

Snapchat: F_EazyDJ




8 comments on “The mixing master, F_Eazy

  1. Luv u bro n well done, keep going. Luv ur work


  2. The guy is talented. Been a fan since he started out in high school, he gets better every year. The fact that he isnt afraid to experiment with a new sound shows his versatility as a DJ. Defenitely one to look out for in the near future.


  3. Mxolisi Mazibuko

    He’s got talent. His mixes are on point. He plays for everyone in terms of age, race, etc.


  4. U go boy and keep it up. Remember Sky is the limit. Love your mixes.



    I’m so proud of u ndoda.keep up the good work


  6. Great mixes With awesome tracks πŸ˜ŽπŸ™Œ


  7. This is it,keep on playing never stop.


  8. Ling Blacc

    F-Eazy is a legend in the making.


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