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The Talented Marli

1997 is the year that Marli was born in Potchefstroom and with her birth, South Africa got a new musical talent.

Currently, Marli is taking vocal training from Jolanda Becker Vocal Lab and guitar training from Debbi Lonmon. But even where she is in her career Marli still remembers where her passion for music came to light, back as a youngster Marli shares with Blue Monkey that she used to perform and put on shows for loved ones.

Marli can remember the lyrics to a song almost insanely, and she says that like the birds chirping in the trees she hears and feels music all around her. This might be one of the reasons that her own songs like Jodel, As liefde oortree, Dans in die reen and Val vir jou are doing so exceptionally well amongst listeners.

Marli has also performed with Manuel Escorcio!

2018 will be another big year for Marli as it marks the release of her debut album! So including being a part of MAD Entertainment and working with Feed a Child, Marli promises that her fans are in for a treat this coming year. Marli is also currently working with a duet partner so be on the lookout for news about that!



Social Media:

Twitter: @marlilegr

Instagram: @marli_le_grange

Facebook: MarliLeG

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