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“A is vir ALLES”- Riaan Grobler is at it again.

‘Alles’ tells the story of how you would explain to your loved one how much they actually mean to you. Using the alphabet to describe each most passionate emotion.

The album might have some deep songs reminding you of the one who holds your heart, it also has a couple of hits that you can dance to. This is really something for any occasion. From a first date to impress a girl all the way to the first dance at a wedding.

Riaan Grobler mentions that he recorded the album during a period of his own personal life. A big part of Riaan’s heart lies within the album. Listeners can get a finer understanding of everything he endured. From, heartache to happiness.  The much-anticipated music video for ‘Alles’ is set to release at the end of August and will be filmed at Beverley Hill’s Rodeo Drive, Universal Studios and Disneyland all the way in Hollywood!

On the 2nd of July Riaan departed for Los Angeles to start working on a new TV show titled “Hollywood hier kom ek!”During this period the filming of his music video will be done.




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