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Album Review| Herman Kleinhans – RUITE OOP

Herman Kleinhans is one South African artist whose music I can honestly say I’m familiar with. I still remember the first time when I was introduced to his music. A couple of my friends and I were on our way to Ellis Park Stadium when one requested a specific song, and the song was ‘Vir Megan‘ by Herman Kleinhans. Right there and then his voice grabbed me and I was intrigued.

What I enjoy most about his music is the fact that you can listen to it whenever you want to. You don’t need a particular reason or mood. When you’re in the gym, you listen to upbeat and energetic music. When you feel sad you choose to listen to more depressing music to boost your current level of sadness. Yet, you can literally enjoy Herman’s music just because you want to. Every moment is the right moment to queue a Herman Kleinhans playlist.

If I had but one wish it would be that Herman’s latest album ‘RUITE OOP‘, included a duet with a female artist, perhaps Janie Bay. His unique and beautiful hoarse type voice would complement any female vocals. However, his album does feature a collaboration with another well known Afrikaans artist. Herman’s song titled ‘Waar’s Jy‘ features the beyond talented Jan Blohm. The two are remarkable together and I do hope they would collaborate on future projects.

My favorite song on the album is without a doubt ‘Haal ‘n Bietjie Asem’. I think the reason why I’m so attracted to this song is that in someway it describes my viewpoint on how couples should face troublesome obstacles. Too many couples make quick and irrational decisions concerning their relationship based on current heated emotions. The lyrics state, just take a breath if you decide to stay together.  In my opinion, it informs us that during an argument, both parties should just take a breath and allow the mood to shift so that a rational decision can be made.

This is truly such a nice album and I do believe Herman Kleinhans has outdone himself.

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Riaan AG Beeslaar

Written by the founder and editor of Blue Monkey Magazine.

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