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Album Review| Len Muller – OORGENOEG

There is a difference between hearing something, and actually listening. I’ve heard Len Muller’s music before, but this is the first time I’m listening, and taking everything in, and in all honesty, I don’t think this will be the last time. Listening to Len’s new album titled ‘OORGENOEG’ has made me decide to go and explore some of his previous work that I might have missed.

Writing this review, and listening to his latest album, the first thing that comes to mind is how calm it makes me feel. I think those who have listened to ‘OORGENOEG’ knows exactly what I’m talking about. Len has such a unique voice that introduces the listener to a relaxed and calm experience. The majority of the songs on the album are focused on love, and the heartache that comes with it, yet, to my surprise, you can enjoy each and every song without balling your eyes out. Once again, I would say this is where the calmness in his music comes into play.

We all have one thing we absolutely love concerning music. Mine I would say is a collaboration between artists. You get bad ones, good ones, and then you get downright amazing ones like the collaboration on Len’s new album with the all so talented Stella. ‘Toevlug’, is not just a remarkable collaboration between two outstanding artists, it’s also my favourite song on the entire album! If you want to know what it means when two artists complement each other, then I recommend you listen to this song.

Besides collaborating with Stella, Len also features the one and only Faraway George on his latest album, ‘OORGENOEG’!

I also want to shine the light on Len’s last three tracks on the album. All three are very well written, but what grabbed my attention is the fact that all three are also acoustic. You don’t always come across an artist ending the album off with multiple acoustic songs, but Len managed to pull it off! Well done Len Muller!

Final verdict, I believe this is a beautiful album with songs made up of lyrics that will definitely pull on your heartstrings while keeping you smiling all the way.

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Riaan AG Beeslaar

Written by the founder and editor of Blue Monkey Magazine.

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