Alida, When talent meets charisma

Once in a while, somebody crosses your path that makes you understand the reference, “full package”. This is one way to describe the incredible Alida. An artist that has a talent that can be hard to match.

Alida, a young lady from Centurion, Pretoria has done what many of us think of doing. She has followed her dream and she has made a mark in the entertainment industry. Alida completed her matric year in 2016 at Hoerskool Zwartkop and is currently studying Teaching, Foundation Phase at UNISA. Certainly, a mind to match her talent.

We are all born with a certain passion and love for something, but what defines us is how badly do we want it? At the early age of 9, Alida decided that nothing will stand in her way and that her love for music is too powerful to ignore. Singing became part of Alida’s lifestyle and she started singing at local competitions.  Before she knew it, Alida was performing at festivals, churches, schools, and weddings. Her first gig was also at the age of 9 at a Modelling Contest.

“Alida also released a new music video recently!”

Recently Alida joined the MAD family. Mad is a company that is dedicated to event planning, Artist Management, Artist growth (television and radio), Festival planning and sound. MAD manages some of the leading artists in South Africa at the moment.

Alida launched her first song, ‘Meer As ‘n Meisie’ on the 19th May. She wrote the song with Carle van Deventer and it was produced by Christie Schutte from Startrax Studios. Alida is also planning a music video in the near future and she’s currently working on a range of amazing new songs.

Recently we had the opportunity to see Alida perform live, and her stage presence is without a doubt something to love.  We truly can’t wait to see her perform again and if you’re like us and can’t wait then you can find her music on Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google play and most of the online music stores.

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