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An unforgettable Arnold Classic!

A higlighted event of 2018 is surely The Arnold Classic.

With a fully packed Sandton Convention Center, people had the privilege to experience a number of sports and trending top notch supplements.

Known for bodybuilding, the Arnold Classic became home to fencing, gymnastics, karate and many more. 2018 also marked the first year for eSport’s Arnold Classic appearance. A great eSports area was made possible thanks to Nibble eSports. Creativity was also brought to the event as everyone had the chance to witness bodypainting taking place.

It was truly an honor to witness both male and female bodybuilders and swimsuit models compete for their category titles. Seeing the hard work they invested in their health and bodies is remarkable and inspirational.

Guaranteed that no matter what interest you in life, you would have had the time of your life at the 2018 Arnold Classic. A flawless organized event that went like clockwork. Well Done Arnold Classic!

Leiere Falck

Event goers were even treated to The Model Search competition. The competition had a number of contestants flaunt their bods and charisma. In the end, there were a couple of well-deserving winners but the one in my opinion that stood out was WildCat’s ambassador, Leiere Falck.

I honestly can’t wait for next year’s Arnold Classic and I know that it’s going to be incredible. Who knows, we might event see Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

One visit to Arnold Classic will leave you thinking, ‘I’ll be back.’


The Nibble eSports Team


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