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Biggy Ft GBoy “Lewe Soos N Laanie”

After the success of DAMES and GOOD LOOKING, which is at over 15 million streams, the biggest name in Afrikaans rap is back, and this time he is not alone.

LEWE SOOS N LAANIE is a pretty mysterious and vibey hip hop song that is basically about what we want in life, fancy stuff, that makes us stand out and makes us feel good, especially if you have worked for it yourself and earned it. No matter how silly or extravagant it is for a person, if it makes you feel like a “Laanie”, that’s all that counts. In this case, the song is also about our will to live like a “laanie” and have all the things our hearts desire.

Biggy and his good friend, GBOY, decided to collaborate on this song together. Biggy wrote and recorded his verses of the song during a recording session with his producer, Hein Bosman, in PE. After Hein sent Biggy the first sample of the song, he decided GBOY would best fit the vibe of the song. GBOY then wrote and recorded his verses and so the song came together.

Biggy hopes that the people who enjoys and support his music will find inspiration in the track to follow their dreams of living like a “Laanie”. That is all that matters to him and how he hopes they receive it.

“I hope they will sing together and relate to the idea behind the song. It’s the kind of song you would listen to if you worked hard for your stuff and just vibe with the idea that you’re a “Laanie”, Biggy added.

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