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Calexico – Joburg’s latest Hot Spot!

On the 27th of June, Calexico Vinyl Lounge and Beer Yard had their opening night! Honestly, just a taste of the new vibe and atmosphere guarantees that I’ll make a hasty return. For those of you that don’t know, Calexico was first known as Stanley’s Beer Yard located at 44 Stanley Ave.

This extremely attractive venue sits right in the heart of Joburg. It’s hard not to see it right away. With food to challenge any appetite, it’s the ideal place to bring a lucky lady for a first date. They have such a unique layout that I highly recommend you take your camera to capture the moment.

What I did however notice was the service. The opening night had the place cramped with guests. From comedians to magazine editors. The guest list was rather quite impressive. Yet, with so many people in one location, no one had any trouble ordering a drink or finding something to munch. I can’t wait to see how amazing a regular night at Calexico should be. The staff made sure everyone was catered for. I myself just had to try a little bit of everything. I give you my word, nowhere will you find better tasting ribs!

I think what will play a big success concerning Calexico’s future will be the feeling of home that you experience there. A place full of smiles and paced with friendliness. Even owner Larry Hodes won’t think twice before engaging in conversation. You’ll feel welcomed no matter who you are.

Make sure to follow them on social media to find out more. They also have regular Vinyl Listening Sessions for everyone with a taste for more than great food. #CalexicoJHB




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