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What makes a dream a reality? The answer is determination. We all have a dream, yet, only those who have the sure will power to never give up, are the ones to turn that dream into a reality. Take Charné Kemp, for example, a dreamer, a star chaser, and an all-round go-getter. Since day one she wanted to do it all! Become the next Britney Spears, conquer Mount Kilimanjaro, save the world, all in one go! Although she got older and her interests changed, one thing stayed the same. She always had a dream, something that drives her and motivates her to keep on going even when things look dark.

To become an actress, this was Charné Kemp’s true desire. The first step taken was signing up for drama classes. She even went on to add drama to her list of subjects during her time at Monument High. After school things took a turn and Charné got involved in education. Finishing her BEd through UNISA, she soon became a teacher. Although she absolutely loved being a teacher and will treasure it always, Charné couldn’t escape her true love, acting. Like a shadow, her dream of becoming an actress never seemed to leave her alone.

Eventually, the calling was too loud and right there and then she left education to pursue her desire. Joining Elysian Management, she hasn’t looked back since.

“This wasn’t an easy choice, but it was the right one. I want to prove to myself that if I want something with all my heart then I will receive it.”

As acting started to become a reality, Charné created her own video series on YouTube named Charnanigans. The name is a combination of both Charné and Shenanigans. The idea came thanks to her friends and family. They would always make videos of her being silly, funny, and just herself. Her unique and bubbly personality drew the attention of many people and the videos went viral. This was when she learned about vlogging.

At first, it was absolutely amazing seeing that recording videos of pure silliness is a thing, but later on she lost interest as everyone was doing it, and vlogging was no longer a unique thing. Thus, Charnanigans was born, a platform where Charné could be herself and do what she loves without being thrown in with the majority of vloggers.

“My inspiration for Charnanigans was born through a very nice glass of gin, a beautiful view of the Magaliesberge and well, myself. Charnanigans isn’t just another character, this is actually who I am.”

As mentioned she is a dreamer, and she still dreams big. Right now she’s involved in a reality program titled ‘SterStatus’. She shares with us that she’s constantly praying that this part of her journey will bring her closer to achieving her goal of becoming an actress. With enough experience in acting, she wants to set her sights towards becoming a presenter for ‘Boer Soek N Vrou’. This is one of the most important items on her bucket list.

“I like being a presenter and I really like sheep and 4×4’s. I see this as a win-win.  I pray that I will always work hard for what I want, stay humble and that I will reach my goals. Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.”

Living your life the way you want can be challenging. Most people tend to think ill of others who don’t fall in the criteria of normal. Charné shares that yes, in fact, she has her fair share of bad critics, but she doesn’t really pay much attention to them. She feels it’s unnecessary to explain your big dreams to small-minded people. However, at the end of the day the good critics out weight the bad ones by far, and it’s their love and support that keeps her going.

She genuinely loves what she does, and it doesn’t matter if she has 5 views or 5 000 views, what matters is, she loves doing what she does. s that within the near future he would be making his mark in the sport.

“The acting industry isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but luckily we have a wide variety of drinks available.”

The most important thing in acting, and in life as well is rather simple. We all need to learn to laugh at ourselves. No one, absolutely no one is perfect, we all make mistakes! Charné constantly finds herself laughing at the mistakes she makes during recordings. Watching her bloopers afterward is one of her methods of growing.

Charné shares with us that chasing the acting dream is difficult and sometimes seem impossible, she is still, however, so thankful for risks she has taken. Every little action taken has not just helped her become a better actress, but a better person as well.

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