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Chyna The Artist Drops New Album!

Finally, someone made an album worth listening to,

…that is after a year bombarded with most things between horrible and deplorable. Don’t get me wrong we had some good hits and a number of tolerable ones here and there. Enough about that, Chyna The Artist is dropping an album titled Bless Is More, embargoed for the 15th of December 2018. And that is the album worth listening to.

Like most young South Africans Chyna The Artist found himself unemployed after graduating. Everyone who cannot find a job after spending thousands of hours studying can attest that the situation is virtually tantamount to depression. To add to that Chyna’s father had an accident, his car was beyond repairs ‘but by God’s grace, he[Chyna’s father] came out with no scratch.’ Chyna declares.

Amidst all of that, Chyna refused to succumb to compliance, but rather, he went on to do the one thing that he loves the most, music. The outcomes were fruitful, a great album is now done and dusted waiting to be officially released.

Chyna said that he made the album to also comfort himself through life’s downhills. ‘I was low, things weren’t going as planned in terms of employment and I was sitting at home wasting my life away.’ The (un)fortunate incidents have however helped the rapper to appreciate life and to be grateful for all the little things that he has and it is all chronicled in the album.

According to Chyna, Bless Is More is not your everyday album, but an offering of gratitude, a consolidating medium to the country’s hopeless youth.

Chyna The Artist poured his heart and an inordinate amount of time into this project. He had also stripped five songs from it to remain with fifteen quality ones because the more is not the merrier when it comes to quality. To affirm that the more is not merrier when it comes to quality Chyna said ‘I was selfish with features because I really just wanted people to hear me, me and only me, as honest and vulnerable as I am.’

He further added that; ‘I hope this project touches souls and minds, and that it helps to comfort people in whatever they might be going through. I love it wholeheartedly and if people could dig it then it’s a bonus to me.’

To find out more about the album and where you can get a copy follow Chyna The Artist on Social media;

Twitter handle:@chyna_theartist

Instagram:@chyna_the artist



Regarding the Launch please contact The Artist: 073 471 9362

or Q Ndlela: 079 822 7327


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