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Chyna The Artist is the next big thing!

Having had performed alongside Ab Crazy and DJ Zinhle, and opening up for K.O is among other reasons this rap artist is Mzansi’s next big thing.

Chyna The Artist, born Njabulo Prosper Khanyile is a 24 years old based in a small town called Vryheid located in the KwaZulu Natal province. And he started writing lyrics at 13.

‘I was introduced to music by a neighbour, who had a whole lot of Kwaito CDs, mostly Zola 7s.

‘I just enjoyed the sound and how it made me feel.’ He said. Chyna’s real experience with hip hop and how it changed his life was when he first heard Eminem’s song on the radio. ‘I was so mesmerized by the instrumental, the way he juggled his words and put em in such a simple yet complex way telling the story.’

From 2011 to 2013 Chyna began recording with his friends going by the name C.M.Z(Chyna, Mtho and Zwa). ‘It was just for fun at the time’ He said.

In 2014 Chyna began being serious about his craft and he dropped his first project called Cartoon Dreaming. He worked on the project with Zwa, who produced it. The two were going by the name YourSpeakers.

In 2015 Chyna decided to go solo and he released The Blvck mixtape. ‘The mixtape, I can say, propelled me and made me believe that perhaps the dream was possible. We put out the single which was called Blvck in April and it got over 1000 downloads in its first week. From then on, we just had to make it a priority that the full project, which was set to drop in August, becomes a success and good Lord it was.’

In 2016 Chyna The Artist collaborated with his friend Dizzy and dropped a project called Dont Go Outside. Chyna said the whole project was basically about how individuals tend to be themselves more when no one is watching, ‘but soon as they go outside they change and be someone that they are not.’

Don’t Go Outside became another success and their elevator kept going up as they hoped.

Later in 2016 Chyna The Artist and Zwa added a new member to the team, they recruited a hip hop DJ by the name DJ Master z, and the collaboration gave birth to a project called Wasted and it was released early 2017, the whole project was produced by DJ Master z.

Chyna and DJ Master z worked together again in a single called Bando.

April 6, 2018 the trio released the second sequel to Cartoon Dreaming called TWO. Although they’ve encountered a number of obstacles in its making the group ended up succeeding and Chyna The Artist proudly said that the album has songs for everyone. ‘I am in love with it still and forever because it speaks about love, self confidence, ego, and a desire to dream big and make it.’

Chyna The Artist released two singles, Anime and Rich, on the 24th of July 2018.

YourSpeakers (Chyna The Artist, Zwa and DJ Master z) is currently working on a project called INSECURE EP, which is set to be released in the next two months. Chyna says that ‘This is not the only project that will come out this year. I am currently working on some more music on which I cannot disclose when it will come out, God willing; before end year. I can truly say its probably the most fun I’ve had thus far. So stay tuned.’ He smiled.

Chyna The Artist is still at KwaZulu Natal, Vryheid looking for work. He is, however, trying to make plans to move to Johannesburg next year to jump start his music career ‘properly’. He says that he is inspired by his friend Panel, AKA, KLY, Kwesta, and Shane Eagle.


Chyna The Artist on Social media;

Twitter handle:@chyna_theartist

Instagram:@chyna_the artist

Chyna The Artist’s latest single;





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