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Celebrating 10 Years of Music With Crown the Empire

Anniversary, a word used to describe a certain date where something spectacular happened.

Ten years ago, an American metalcore band was formed in Dallas Texas by the name of Crown the Empire! Certainly, a band who requires no introduction, and if you’re a metal fan then chances are you have them on your day to day playlist.

During our brief interview with Brandon Hoover, we dug a little deeper to unearth if perhaps the band has changed in any way over the course of ten years.

So much has happened over the past 10 years…it all feels like a blur to me. I think our musical influences have changed quite a bit. When we were writing our first EP “Limitless” back in 2011, we wanted to combine scene elements from bands like Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans, Attack Attack, I See Stars, Of Mice & Men and blend that with bands we grew up listening to like My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco. I think that’s what made us stick out from the get go. It was very different from what everyone else was doing at the time. 10 years later after touring the world countless times, meeting so many people and experiencing life, the influences changed quite a bit. But I think overall, the energy of the latest album Sudden Sky is just as exciting as when we first started making music in the beginning. The core elements of Crown The Empire are still there and that’s why the fans have stuck with us.

You probably saw Brandon mention their latest album Sudden Sky. Well, Sudden Sky released on the 19th of July 2019 and is also their fourth studio album. However, releasing such an incredible album requires somewhat of a story…

The album started in a Californian desert back in 2017. The band was busy writing demos with producer/songwriter Josh Strock and trying to figure out what the next step was going to be for the band. That was a very difficult time as a year before that they had to let go of a crucial member. As a result, the band was in a weird place mentally. The name “Sudden Sky” came up during their first studio session. It means you can be here one second and gone the next…

Despite everything, they kept on writing demos and in 2018, more than a year later, Sudden Sky was finished. The album was inspired by what they had all been going through internally as well as the current state of society.

We had a lot of personal demons to let loose and the best way to get them out was to be as vulnerable as possible.

As mentioned, 2020 marks a big year for the band, however, it also marks a big year for us as their South African fans. Crown The Empire will be performing live in Pretoria come month end! This will also be their first time ever performing in South Africa.

Back in 2014 we were sharing a bus with The Ghost Inside on an Asking Alexandria European tour and they told us how amazing it was to tour over there and how they got to swim in a cage in the ocean with sharks surrounding them. Ever since then we’ve wanted to come play for you all. It’s really exciting when we get to play in front of an audience who’ve been dying to see us for so many years. I think the energy in the room is going to be insane…can’t wait!

This is without a doubt a great time to be a Crown The Empire fan as the good news just keeps on coming. Currently, the band is working on something special to celebrate their ten year anniversary. Let’s not forget that a certain song on their latest album still requires a music video… This is also something we can look forward to…

Did you know that the members of Crown The Empire listens to a wide range of different genres of music? Except country music! This is funny due to the band originating from Texas.

28th Feb 2020 – Mercury Live – Cape Town
29th Feb 2020 – Platteland – Centurion
Tickets available at

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