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Beyond Brains and Beauty…

Dominique Tibbles

Some are born with the intellectual capacity to revolutionize the world, and some are born with beauty to stop time itself, however, a certain Free Sate born individual was born with both. Dominique Tibbles, wife, mother, a woman of faith, entrepreneur, student, philanthropist and most importantly, lover of life has faced terrifying obstacles during her life and has overcome them all. Being the victor over both physical and sexual abuse, Dominique is determined to show others experiencing the same torment that the abuse does not define them.

“You cannot let the abuser win at taking away your life…”

Being the eldest of three girls, and then 4th in a blended family of 6 girls and 2 boys she never had the opportunity to further her studies at varsity after matriculating at Riebeeckrand, Randfontein Thus, she continued to work at Spur, where she has been waitressing since Standard 9. Time went by fast and in late August of 1999, Dominique gave birth to her loving daughter. Not too long after, she left spur and became a receptionist for BizFin.

When the year 2000 came, she moved up to acting PA to a tax practitioner. For 14 years Dominique worked tirelessly, and finally resigned as director. Upon resigning, she decided to broaden her horizon and open her own company, by the name of Contax Accounting.

“Contax Accounting does bookkeeping, payroll, statutory registrations, company trust and individual taxes. Contax is still in its infantile stages, even though it will be 9 years old on the 1st April. There were many distractions that kept me from growing it the way I wanted to. I don’t have any regrets about those distractions, but now is the time to get my strategies in line.”

Her vision for Contax is to be able to give her employees the opportunity to grow, develope, and empower them to operate without her input. She also wants to make it possible for those who have children to be active parents in their kid’s lives alongside furthering their own careers. She believes that a modicum of protection and relationship occurs when the adults are present and participate in their children’s lives.

As we speak she is in her second year of varsity with Mancosa where she’s aiming towards finalizing her BCom Financial Management at the end of 2021. However, even with great business success, what led us to having a sit down with Dominique was her accomplishments during the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa in 2019. Although, never really being a ‘pageant girl’, Dom had this on her bucket list since 2017.

“I took part in our schools Mej Riebeeckrand as a bit of fun (earning the first princess title) and then took part in the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa journey in 2019. Watching Miss South Africa on television every year, I always wondered what it would be like to be on that stage.”

In the end Dominique realized that this was more than she expected. It wasn’t just high heels and tiaras, no! There were multiple other objectives involved such as recycling projects and fundraisers for various causes. During our brief interview, she did mention how she adored the photoshoots, and that the entire 2019 was certainly one of her best years. Oh, let’s not forget that she was also honored to be the 2019 Women Empowerment Award recipient. Currently, she has shifted her attention towards Belly2Brain, a program aimed at bringing sustainable feeding programs to schools.

“We all talk about educating the kids of our country, but how do you educate a hungry child.”

Belly2Brain is also busy finding ways to bring sanitary solutions to girls. She mentions that clinics do provide condoms to teens, but unfortunately no sanitary wears such as tampons, etc. With so much going on in her life, she still manages to make time for something else, something very dear to her, which is Dancing Minds. Being appointed as the director by Ren van Wyk, the founder, Dominique says that when they visit Belenois to teach the elderly to dance, that it’s without a doubt a highlight of her week.

As I was chatting to Dominique, I decided to capitalize on the opportunity and ask her what drives and motivates her, hoping to learn something.

“I am driven by YOLO! You only live once. I do not ever want to be at the point where my journey in this life is over and not have lived fully. There is so much we can do in this life, so many adventures. You are the author of your own encyclopaedia of life! Life is loud and proud. ”

Ending the interview off, we asked what does she have planned for the rest of 2020? Within Dominique’s answer, we learned that there are ten things she’s aiming at. Empowering her staff, pass her 9 subjects with Mancosa, visit the states, supporting her daughter during her studies, showering her husband with love, take Belly2Brain to the next level, reach her target weight, dance nonstop with Ren and his team, grow her business, and last but not least, grow her relationship with God alongside her family.

The time spent talking to Dominique I can honestly say, I felt inspired. Having the chance to discuss life with an individual who has her Gentax G Diploma, who’s Vice President of their BNI and who’s closing on her BCom degree is absolutely phenomenal, thus I would like to end this piece with some motivating words straight from Dominique herself…

“Not everyone has the opportunities that others have, but we all have a purpose and we all a drive to obtain those opportunities for ourselves. Not with violence or schemes, but with faith in our God and our own hard work.

Just always remember that NO doesn’t mean the end of the road, but to encourage you to pursue until a yes comes along. We are the ones who create the yes in our own world. Get out of the entitlement mentality. Your past does not define your future, it is merely the stepping stone to show your resilience when real life happens as you enter adulthood. Once you reach the age of 18, your parents are no longer to be blamed for any shortcomings. You are the only one responsible for your future decisions so always make the best decisions and always pay-it-forward! A little good goes a really long way.

Before I leave, take this to heart. When you look in the mirror, ask yourself, are you happy with the person looking back at you? Life is a continual metamorphosis so align yourself with mentors who you can emulate for your development. Make a vision board and put visual aids onto the vision board with goals short, medium and long-term.  Put this vision board where you can see it every day and put the wheels in motion to achieve those visions. Be realistic, I will never be a ballerina with Julliard, but I can certainly Cha Cha Cha at a showcase!”




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