Welcomed with a royal smell of freshly baked artisan bread filling the air accompanied with a golden aroma of rich coffee brewing away. It is absolutely royalty from the moment you are greeted and seated you are made to feel extra special with the hostesses that carry gorgeous smiles and served by knowledgeable waitrons to the massive food selection that caters for everyone.

From that juicy naked hippie burger to a fresh summer crispy Thai chicken salad and for that health-conscious guy,s banting pizza. This restaurant is worth raving about.

Situated in the posh area of Southdowns, Doppio Zero Irene is a family restaurant, a place where the atmosphere is incredible. The guests are all unique from different backgrounds. It is like an orchestra, on one end you have the formal businessman on his laptop, the mother and her children from the nearby school for a quick breakfast, the gym lady in the corner with her green smoothy in hand to the artistic Rastafarian coming in for his usual ragu mafioso pizza takeaway making it into one big beautiful musical. They all have one thing in common, all of them are relaxed at their second home Doppio.

A bakery section that seems to call your name when you give it one look, what a site, it has numerous types of bread available, your ciabatta the firm favorite to the sourdough and the savory pastries and a wide selection of delicious cakes. Their gelato teases your palate as you savor that tantalizing tickling taste that explosively excites your mouth giving you an experience you want to relive every time.

This restaurant has made quite a name for itself and is fast growing across South Africa and also as branches out in Egypt. It is fast spreading and domination around the world is inevitable.

For office functions or a gathering at home with friends, Doppio Zero caters different platters that you can take with to share and enjoy. A private area is also provided for any function you want to hold on site, be it a baby shower or a business meeting the restaurant is flexible to accommodate.

For bookings /reservations contact Doppio Zero Irene on 012 6650784 or email them at

Make a turn at Doppio Zero Southdowns, visit the store and experience what is on everyone’s lips Doppio Zero.

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