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“Everyone loves SNATCH”

The talent from 7th Wave just doesn’t seem to end, as this week we’re introduced to a rapper with fiery lyrics! The man himself, Verbal Snatch!

Another rising star from Tembisa making his mark in the industry is Zama Mhlongo or known by his adoring fans as Verbal Snatch! He received the name SNATCH when he was still dancing and back then he used to wear a t-shirt that had the words ‘love snatch’ on them. A close friend started to call him Snatch because it’s rare that you’ll find an artist that can grab knowledge as fast as Zama can.

Snatch honed his skills the right way by attending battles and cyphers. How he grew as a rapper and hip-hop artist is rather quite inspirational. He also has a number of artists he looks up to and draws inspiration from. Amongst the names are Mos Def, Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000 and J Cole.

Snatch has even performed in front of thousands of people where he shared the stage with renown artists Frank Casino, Bigstar, Busiswa, HHP, and Reason! He also has a ton of hit singles behind his name! Some of his singles include Don’t Talk and Vibe with me. It won’t be a surprise if the names sound familiar as they’ve been played and downloaded a number of times!

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Facebook: Verbal Snatch

Twitter: @ZamaSnatch

Instagram: Kingverbalsnatch

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