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The Artist Known as FlakeRsa!

I am Letlhogonolo Samuel Phenkola, commonly known as FlakeRsa!

I am 24 years of age. I was born and bred in the West Rand in a small township called Kagiso. My journey as an artist began when I was about twelve years old as I was a member of a brass band at the St. John’s Apostolic Church. In school, I was also a part of the choir and the school drama club which led to an award in both the choir and drama club. Back in 2014, I joined the famous music show, Cula Sibone by Repper Production Studios and that was when I realized that I was born to do music!

I’ve always been a big dreamer and my passion for music pushed me towards my first solid album titled “It is in my heart” which sold 50 copies. I am also proud to mention that I am the owner of restaurant 43twentynine which was used for the launch of my company, Wavy Entertainment.

Wavy Entertainment is a label that helps new artists get registered as well as managing artist profiles, marketing strategies, and distributions. It is also created for young individuals that have a great passion for music. It was launched on December 31st, 2018 which proved to be a great success as I had signed three female vocalists and were called for radio interviews with Westside FM, Demag Radio as well as Sovh Radio.

I was also approached by the 1754CITYNETWORK Family, as they wanted to work with me in hosting the Human Rights and Arts Exhibition at Mamacha’s place in Kagiso also having the privilege to work with owners of the best local brands such as Chafa and Daily shooter and also the best photographers.

In February 2020, I had the privilege to host, along with my business partners a Valentine’s Day event at a famous local restaurant owned by a well-known businessman who inspires a lot of individuals in my township, hence an inspiration behind my music career!

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