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Deon Groot’s Latest Hit, Hemelpoorte

Deon Groot, an Afrikaans singer-songwriter whose music is on everyone’s playlist! With a song like ‘Pink Gin’ that can save a dying party, and ‘Hemelpoorte‘, Deon’s latest single that can melt your partner’s heart.

It’s not every day we’re introduced to an artist who can perfect such a wide range of music. Yet, during our brief interview, we had to find out how does Deon manage to pull it off?

Yes indeed the songs are different in many ways except for one…they tell stories. Knowing who we are is a major part of our album and how one should see every song. The songs tell stories, as we are storytellers. We create our own music and where we come from, Namaqualand, people do just that. They tell stories. Some of them true and others just a lovely little something to listen to. So our album in all you can start to see is a book full of short stories. Where lessons van be learned and some be enjoyed for what they are.

“… Hemelpoorte, Deon’s latest single that can melt your partner’s heart.” This sentence alone is a good indication that ‘Hemelpoorte’ holds some powerful lyrics. Lyrics so powerful there has to be a deeper meaning? Some sort of inspiration…

Hemelpoorte was born within Deon himself. The song is an expression of his dream to love unconditionally and be loved the same way back. One day Deon decided to sit down and write a song that he feels is for his wife one day. He also knows there are loads of people that cherish the idea of a good relationship and seeking one if they aren’t in one already. We as humans were made to love, and to be loved back.

Although the song derives from Deon’s own passionate emotions, writing the lyrics was still a rather time-consuming process.

It took some time for me to create or put down the words to paper. Being a man, feelings aren’t a strong point and communicating them is even worse. So for me to find that part inside me and relay the message and make it a song that everyone can relate to was the hardest part. I think when u have enough time you go over things a lot and with Hemelpoorte I had a lot of time and took ample time cause it is so dear and true from my being as a person and my dreams.

Two remarkable songs in such a short period, it’s clear that Deon is heading to the top at a rapid speed. With a ton of big things planned such as TV shows, 2020 is his year! But, right now Deon is focused on becoming a well known South African storyteller.

HEMELPOORTE is beskikbaar op Deon se album wat op alle digitale platforms hier verkrygbaar is:



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