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Irene-Louise: Blondes have more fun!

They say blondes have more fun, and seeing Irene-Louise performing and living her dream is certainly why crowds can’t help but to fall in love with this talented young artist.

Living an entertainment lifestyle doesn’t stop Irene-Louise from enjoying the simple things in life. In a recent interview, she shares with us that music and entertaining people is what drives her but she’ll always have a great love for things like spending time with her fiance and friends. She describes herself as a typical normal young lady who enjoys a night filled with series and good movies. What we also adore is how much she cares for her doggies.

It was in her teenage years when Irene decided that singing is going to transition from a hobby into a career. Entertaining people is what she’s meant to be doing on this planet.

As her career grew and she became well know, it was her stage presence that defined her and made her stand out amongst other artists. Irene even went on to be nominated for the best pop album by a female artist at this years Ghoema awards.

This was one of her proudest achievements because Irene was in the same category as Riana Nel and Karlien Van Jaarsveld!

Currently, Irene-Louise is focusing on “Sjampanje”, her one of a kind album and single. But we strongly suggest that you follow her on social media and see what she plans next in her ever-growing career!

Facebook: Irene-Louise Van Wyk

Twitter: @Irene__Louise

Instagram: Irene__Louise



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