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Fitness Guru, Jade-Marié Porter

2020 a new decade, new beginnings, new resolutions, and a brand new year to look forward to…

A generation that has adopted the” fitness fashion lifestyle”, I would like to call it. Be it someone dressed in gym gear roaming about the mall as if they’re going or coming from the gym or that someone who is actually getting down and grinding doing the groundwork and putting in the effort to reach that desired goal.

The festive fever has worn out leaving that rich cocoa dark chocolate mousse cake and dozens of roasted turkey and endless braais behind, we step in the new year with detoxing juices, Macha lattes, turmeric smoothies and diet commitments that most people will break anyway and just give in and fall into that “oh well I will do so next year “. Well an amazing, talented, enterprising young lady with style, beauty and class has emerged at the tip of your fingers.

Fitness guru Jade-Marié Porter is the answer to you reaching that goal and obtaining that banging Kim K body you have always dreamed of. She has fused an eating plan with an exercise regime that is uniquely personalized just for you. Guiding and monitoring you through the net where ever in the world you are. She will motivate you to that ultimate goal.  Having the right mindset is just the beginning. Being consistent in your diet, in your exercises is a lifestyle that miss Porter will show you how to achieve and maintain. If you want something bad enough you can never fail, let the hunger that burns inside, let it burn those calories away. In this new universal culture where beauty, health and fashion fitness tradition has seemed to merge to become one of the fastest-growing trends in the world. At times it seems like a new religion has been formed where faith is practiced in the way one feels and looks. Health has changed the game in this fast-paced lifestyle that has emerged.

And I quote her – “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself and to let go of everyone’s expectations and restrictions just let it flow and just be”. One of her training tips she mentions that the only way to get shredded abs is by losing body fat through one’s diet, you can not eat pasta every night and then do 1000 sit-ups and expect great results Jade says. Her self love, beauty, her ritual fitness, her strive to succeed,  the entire package has made her one of the fastest-growing most sort after fitness coaches across the country. Direct message her on Instagram, on her, handle jademarie_porter  and begin your unique fitness journey.  In my opinion, the human body is an artwork, it is a canvas that you can create into a beautiful painting. You are the Picasso you decide to be.”

The magic that is Jade-Marié Porter…

by Meganne Chapfika

To find out more about her exercise regime and diet,

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