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Rising Star, Khabila Mucho!

Going by the name Kabelo Lehlohonolo Morake Koaho, yet also known by stage name as Khabila Mucho, is a 3rd year BA: Media Studies student, a rapper, and a clothing brand owner of  soon to launch GangWay. Kabelo is also an event organizer born and raised in Kroonstad by his loving grandparents. He later moved to the North West (Makwassie) where his mom and dad was/currenty working because his grandmother got sick and could not take care of him anymore. The young artist started school in North West but later moved back to his birthplace due to his grandmother’s situation getting better.

When he was just 12 years old he heard Amilli by Lil Wayne and immediately started paying more attention to the hip hop scene not even knowing what it is back then and two years later he started writing his own music. Kabelo found it difficult because he wanted to write complex lines for the brainers and sound smart but/and he was only doing grade 8 because he could not bear listening to Tha Carter III by Lil Wayne without feeling the inspiration. It sounded effortless and fun at the same time, it made it easy for him to meddle with hip hop from the swag (plus Kabelo already grew dreads in his 4th grade), to the attitude, to the lyrics and to having dreams of living life like rappers do but Kabelo only started recording from the 9th grade onwards. He was also influenced by his own dad because the first time he heard somebody rap was his own father bumping ‘Dear Mama’ by Tupac (that time he was barely 8), and his dad has always had a great taste and a great ear for music (all genres), plus back then he was a hip hop DJ playing the likes of Mase from Bad Boy Records, etc.

Through his music-related journey, it became more of a life to him that he started writing simple lyrics with more depth every day and it was effortless because Kabelo wrote about his own aspirations mixed with my everyday life.

Completing High School in Coligny, North West he moved to Bloemfontein for further study purposes at CUT and studied Computer Systems. After a year, he realized its not his path so he decided to enroll in a Bachelor Of Arts in Media Studies at The University Of The Free State. This is where everything started to get serious. Working on a lot of features (all available on Audiomack), he started performing and only this year dropped his first solo single called Copy My Style on Audiomack, available for online and offline streaming. Watch out for the music video dropping soon!

Kabelo is currently busy with his long-awaited EP, but he still has to finalize a name for it and he also has a clothing brand called GangWay that he aims at launching this year. As an event organizer, he had and headlined his first show in Bloemfontein called ‘Wildin Out: The Experience’ with co-founder rapper/friend Don Kyza and their production manager Saudah. They pulled it off without any sponsors and also managed to get Maglera Doe Boy as the Main Act. The show was a success and it taught him a lot as an artist in terms of business management and how to attract people in the entertainment industry. Plugging into the Free State is more complex because the province is still up for the taking people around here are not united hence the Hip Hop scene is struggling in terms of exposure to the masses and that is where Khabila Mucho comes in. People should really be on the lookout for him as a talented musician with drive and as a determined entrepreneur.

His style of music is really uncertain because coming from a house where every genre played to the maximum volume made him believe that he can jump on anything but from what he has done so far he would say his sound is more of a club banging trap/hip hop with content of course.

His future plans are being a media graduate, launching his EP, hosting his second show and launching his clothing brand and also himself as a brand to the nation. He wants to give a shout out to his dear momma, this woman has always been his pillar of strength, hid rock and most importantly she is his potential investor. Shout out also to his dad, hid disciplinary measure, his major influence and guidance on how to listen to music (different sounds in particular) and also a potential investor too. Last but not least shout out to his production team Don Kyza and Saudah, its all love, without then, half of hid achievements as a hustler would not have been possible. Keep your heads up and stay working, you got this on lock.

“I also want to give a special thanks to Blue Monkey Magazine for the plug I really appreciate it. God Bless me and the above mentioned. To future endeavors.”

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