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‘A Big Talent in a Small Town’ – Lynette Viljoen

Why do we love fairy tales? Is it because of the bizarre yet fascinating creatures, or perhaps the high castles and the happy endings? My guess would be; it’s because nothing ever seems impossible. In fairy tales no one has limits, and the entire story can change in one flip of a page.

Now and then something crosses your path that makes you believe in all those made-up fairy tales. Take Lynette’s story as an example. Who could have guessed that the small town of Fochville could act as the home for a rare and unique talent such as Lynette?

Singing and flaunting her God-given talent since the age of 6, everyone who knew her could tell this little charismatic girl was made for great things. Although music came naturally to her, Lynette shares with us that in all honesty, she would have never started singing if not for the support and love received from her parents. Up and till today, Lynette, her mother and father remain a team. Her dad plays the role of DJ and her mom acts as her “momager”.

Singing isn’t the only focal point in Lynette’s life, she is also currently studying teaching through NWU. Although both her talent and studies are very dear to Lynette, the biggest part of her heart belongs to her beautiful baby girl.

Being a singer, loving mother and aspiring teacher can take up a tremendous amount of one’s time, and the three tend to clash from time to time.

Luckily, Lynette mentions that through dedication and God’s continues support, everything manages to work out perfectly. Still young and filled with ambition, we had to dig deeper and find out what can we expect from her in the next couple of months.

“ I have a lot of performances lined up that I look extremely forward too. I also want to write a few of my own songs. Songwriting might sound simple, I can promise you it isn’t. Next to writing my own music, I think one of my biggest challenges will be facing the terrible two’s, as my little girl will be turning two this year. “

Seeing someone chase their dream is a remarkable thing, and to
all the dream chasers out there contemplating if they should continue chasing, Lynette leaves us with a few words of wisdom.

“You will never know what heights you can reach if
you stop climbing. It’s hard work and the road is filled with buckets of tears, sweat, and chewed up nails, but in the end, it will all be worth it. So if you love what you’re doing, you have no reason to feel as if you should throw in the towel.”

Model – Lynette Viljoen / Lynette

Photography – Elize Trichardt / Trichardt Photography

Hair & Style – Cassandra Bodington / Stilista Hair & Beauty Salon

MakeUp – MoniQue Van Loggerenberg / Rarissime / Elite Makeup Academy

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