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An unstoppable talent: Melissa de Vries!

Born and bred in Blackheath in Cape Town, Melissa de Vries is well respected for being a dancer and actress.

Considering Melissa was more of a tomboy and never thought of herself as a model, she was forced into her first modeling competition where she came away with first place! This was the birth of a new passion for her as she started to fall in love with a variety of things such as dance, presenting and acting. Eventually, she took her first few classes and ended up loving hip-hop dancing with her focus at the time on Popping.

Local and underground competitions were where she gained quite the reputation. The rush that followed the battles soon engulfed her heart completely. Mellisa performed on different stages from The Baxter Theater to Artscape to whatever show she could be a part of.

In 2013 she received the well-deserved opportunity to represent SA at Dance to Vegas at The Hip-hop International. This was where she was noticed by Pioneer Popin Pete from Electric Boogaloos who offered Melissa the chance to train with him. Mellisa, later on, emerged in learning more dance styles and got involved in the commercial side of life where she was the lead girl for Diamond Platinum hit song Sangoro.

Her future became, even brighter as she went on to win the Sisters of Dance hosted by Brutal fruit which was a dance battle for women dancers in SA. Since becoming a dancer, Melissa has done the switch from dancer to actress and has also featured in movies such as Cinderella if the shoe fits, Krotoa, and was one of the core dancers for the Hollywood movie, Bring it On 6.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Melissa de Vries. If you want to know more about this dancing beauty queen, follow her on social media!





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