Mike J Willemse – Living through music!

Mike is touching souls through his voice and guitar strings!

Mike J Willemse from the small town of Kameeldrift, Pretoria, began his guitar lessons from the moment he first touched a guitar. That was the moment that paved a way for his career in music. Mike didn’t only enjoy fiddling with his guitar strings, he made a tune of off its sound. Singing whilst playing it, those who could lend him an ear would shower him with praise. Although Mike used to sing in church, he admits that he never knew he would receive so much praise for singing.

The guitar he got when he was only eight years old saw Mike climbing higher and higher! He even earned the privilege of opening up for Steve Hofmeyer. The 33 years old has also performed with Ablaze who he classified as an Amazing Gospel Group.

In 2017 Mike made a decision not only to part ways with Ablaze, but to also commit and make music full time. The results were, Only Memories Remain, his debut album. Mike says he is proud to have taken the (bold) decision of doing music full time. He says that he owes his gratitude to Ablaze gospel group for sharpening his talent.

Mike is currently working with CSA production as a solo artist, and he will soon be making a new Afrikaanse album. Mike can also, sporadically, be spotted behind the mic in restaurants performing his tunes.

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082 229 8827

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