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Nadia Nakai, aka Bragga

Nadia Nakai’s recent single titled naaa meaan is cracking jaws. She featured the man himself Cassper Nyovest and the two have taken it an extra mile putting fellow competitors in their place. The ego is well polished, Nakai and Nyovest are on another level in the song, somewhere on the 8th floor and they are throwing punchlines harder to those beneath.

Hiphop is a game of ego and of who is the baddest, they made that clear in the naaa meaan hit. They have reached greater heights, being on several magazine issues and they put it out there using this hit as a medium.

Many have expected the release of an album by Nadia Nakai, but that had to wait for a while as the album’s executive producer, Casper Nyovest, declared on tweeter that the album had to be delayed on the basis that it wasn’t yet ripe enough to fall from the Family Tree. This can only mean (or meaan) the album will come out blazing as we all have witnessed and now know that Cassper knows what’s best for business.

The single, naaa meaan, should be enough a compensation for her fans for the much anticipated album Nakai was expected to release soon. It is another hit single dropped by Nadia Nakai (the African Rap Queen if you like) and it is the first of those that will make up her upcoming album which will allegedly be released next year. The single should also be a glimpse of what is cooking on the Family Tree record label and of perhaps what to expect of Nakai henceforth.

The Family Tree first lady asserted, speaking to Drum magazine, that she is the woman that’s going to change the game for the better. South African hiphop is reaching greater heights daily and it is by the efforts of her likes. Moreover, being one of the few female artists in this male dominated industry and still being able to remain ahead makes Bragga the queen that she is.

Hiphop lovers who haven’t follow the naaa meaan single have to ask themselves if they really still have to be considered hiphop lovers, the song is great, lyrical and punchline loaded, and is available on those music stores online, hiphop fans who haven’t given it a chance yet will love it.

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