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Some people listen to music, some love music and now and then you meet someone like Nadia that lives for music.

Discovering her passion for music at the early age, Nadia’s love for music blossomed when she started to participate in local choirs and small independent competitions. But what we all can really admire from Nadia is the determination she has.

Yes, all artists experience hurdles in their careers but when it comes to Nadia she is rather unstoppable. Nadia even told us, “I will never accept “No” for an answer. I fall, I stand up. Failure does not define me, it helps me grow.”

Having MAD Entertainment as PR company and Angel music productions on board it’s certain that there is only one way for Nadia to go, and that is UP.

Her song Before the light that she recorded through Stone studio international even went on to be played internationally. With a debut album and other theatre projects also in the pipeline, it’s safe to say that the rest of Nadia’s 2018 is going to be out of this world.

Facebook: Nadia Zara

Twitter: @Elezara

Soundcloud & Youtube: Nadia Els (Zara)

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