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Album Review| Nathan Smith – Here’s to the Now

This year has bombarded us with bad news. 2020 is without a doubt filled with negativity, luckily there are a few positive things to have happened. One of them is the release of Nathan Smith’s new album titled ‘Here’s to the Now’. I understand now why the first two singles, ‘Decisions‘ and ‘Closer‘ from this album hit radio stations nationwide during May.

Listening to this album, savoring each lyric from each song, I found myself curious, I need to know what inspired the creation of this album. It’s clear when a songwriter just writes to feed the fans, however, in this case, you can immediately hear there is a meaning behind the words. As mentioned, I’m curious to know what inspired Nathan, or should I say ‘Who’? I know the song ‘Aidan’ is a tribute to his nephew who passed away at the young age of 22 years due to auto-immune disease. Yet, I feel the other 11 tracks also have some deeper meaning behind them.

Amongst all 12 songs, I would have to say my favorite is ‘Running Out Of Control’. Perhaps it’s because of how the song reminds me of some of my most loved 80’s blues songs, but, all I know is, I might just become addicted to this song. Tied for second is ‘Here’s To The Now’ and ‘Scientists Say’, both are a bit more upbeat and a tad faster than the other songs featured on the album.

In my opinion, Nathan Smith’s new album would be ideal for a Sunday afternoon drive or playing in the background during a Saturday night braai, or even just a get together with your mates. The album has somewhat of a roller coaster feel to it. One moment you’ll be caught deep in thoughts concerning love and loss, and the next you’ll find yourself tapping your foot to the smooth beat. This is probably due to the strong blues vibes and light rock infused in the album.

I can honestly say, well done on a spectacular album Nathan.


  • Here’s to the now
  • Dry Cry Smile
  • Running Out of Control
  • It Feels Good
  • Alice
  • The First and The Last
  • The Investment
  • Plastic Man 
  • Scientists Say
  • Decisions
  • Closer
  • Aidan








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