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Fashion is like giving birth with every collection, breathing new life from conception to the final garment. Ngugi Vere’s clothing is of African decent catering not only to a targeted clientele but runs across all sizes, cultures and races. The diversity of his talent has seen him become one of the top-notch cream coming out of Africa. He is a young talented Zimbabwean entrepreneur based in SouthAfrica who is setting his fashion DNA onto the world map.

Meg-Anne: What inspires your creativity?

Ngugi: My creativity is inspired by objects, environment and the people around me. That is why I want to be around

positive vibes only. When I am happy my juices flow, therefore I stay happy.

Meg-Anne: What made Ngugi? At what point in life can you say that this made me?

Ngugi: Ngugi is not a self-made creative genius. God made me. And his plans worked out best for me. Between

going to Asia to shoot a reality show producing Soweto fashion week.

Meg-Anne: ‘Be Bold’, tell us the meaning and values of the saying.

Ngugi: ‘Be Bold’ is one of the values, principled I live by. It simply means – Be yourself – Do your best Do not be afraid

you are a lion in your jungle. So basically that’s what I tell myself and feel when I dress up when I venture into projects when I meet big people when I work. I carry that as my armor and inspiration.

Meg- Anne: If you could color the world with fabric, which one would it be and why?

Ngugi: I proudly represent and wear the African print with pride and boldness sprint life. African print is one fabric with boldness and variations, colorful and diverse. It represents what Africa is.

Meg-Anne: Your brand is fast growing in Africa and undoubtedly on everyone’s lips in the entertainment industry. Where are you taking it?

Ngugi: We are growing and taking it step by step to the levels we want it to be. I am very blunt about my vision. It is simply to conquer the fashion industry globally and tell the African story through our concepts and designs.

Meg-Anne: Your clothing is fresh, vibrant and exciting, do you see it at par with other brands on the world stage?

Ngugi: We are vibrant, fresh, creative, innovative and inspiring. We are not on world stage brand level yet but we are pacing there and we will get there and show up and stay there. The game is ours to conquer.

Meg-Anne: Do you come up with all the designs solo or do you have a creative team that supports you?

Ngugi: Most designs I come up with, and some it is advice and suggestions from people around me and within the brand.

Meg-Anne: What has fashion taught you as an individual and an artist?

Ngugi: Fashion has taught me a lot, but mostly it has taught me that it is not as glamorous as it looks. It is hard work to be in the game and stay within the game. As an artist, it has taught me to stay afloat and to be in continuous space of artistry and positive energy and influence.

Meg-Anne: If you are to work with anyone in the fashion world within Africa and beyond ( on the world stage) who would it be and why?

Ngugi: There are a lot of people I would love to work with. Namely, I would say Puff Daddy and Tom Ford just to understand them. business of fashion and branding. My vision needs that. I am not on that fashion tip, I am in the business of fashion and I want to change the game in Africa.

Meg-Anne: You are involved in a project of helping young girls by providing them with sanitary pads, elaborate on what it entails.

Ngugi: I started the pad girls campaign which caters to rural school girls, orphans, and widows with sanitary towels. It is always been my passion to help the needy. I believe that is where my blessings come from. So I was touched when I learned of that crisis. Nothing has touched my heart more than this need. Knowing that there are girls missing school because they can not afford sanitary towels, knowing that they are using newspapers and piecas of cloth during that time of the month. Imagine the discomfort, the hygiene it saddens my heart.We need to change the game and empower our futures leaders. It is our mandate.

Meg-Anne: Where can we go and get an Original Ngugi Outfit?

Ngugi: We have gone back to stage one of business so we map out our new strategies and vision. If you require a design by me I can be reached on social media

IG @shonaaccra

Fb : Shona Accra

Meg-Anne: Do you design for a particular clientele, age group size?

Ngugi: We don’t limit our brand. We design for anyone who aspires to experience the Shona Accra lifestyle and Be Bold, we cater for all ages and sizes.

Meg-Anne: Can we expect something in store for us, a new line in the works perhaps?

Ngugi: Expect growth and more growth and brand expansion. Yes we have a collection coming soon. It is going to be mad dope.

A young man full of enthusiasm and filled with the African pride, a true ambassador of the African continent set to become the best version of himself. This is none other than Ngugi Vere!

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