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Showcasing His Style… Oratile Boyce

Oratile Moduto Boyce, or more commonly known by his Instagram handle,  Boyce_theboy is a remarkable stylist with a huge passion for designing and styling!

23 years of age, Oratile was born and bred in Brits, all the way in the North West province. Later on in his life, he relocated to Pretoria in vibrant Gauteng. This was where his journey as a stylist started. Barley 9 years old at the time, it didn’t stop him from following his heart.

“I was always passionate about clothes and I was always eager to learn new things from a young age.”

In 2013, Oratile was a Member of the Swag flu brand which was a brand that deals with fashion and it taught him more about clothes, for instance, how to play with clothes, how to have a good taste in fashion and most importantly how to connect clothes to make them look attractive. In 2015, he was influenced by a local Brand called Embedded clothing which is a successful brand today, it inspired him to create his own brand and as a result, Oratile is currently working on his very own brand which will be called ‘Star’s injection’.

He has always been a big dreamer and his passion for fashion pushed him to create his own brand and now his goal is to make it big! He shares with us that he would love to have his own pop-up store which will be called ‘star’s injection store. His favorite brand is Nike because he likes how they influence the fashion culture and their collaborations with other brands. For now, Oratile remains a personal stylist in Pretoria and in the years to come, we’ll be seeing dress celebrities.

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