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The power of Parlemo!

Parlemo is unapologetically coming for the whole thing.

Parlemo’s remarkable range of talents are certainly the stairs that place him high and thus separates him from the rest. This Pretoria based 19 years old is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer who is also  juggling around two genres; Hip hop and R n’ B, but (yes, there is a but) there is more, Parlemo has also tapped into the fashion avenue, he worked with local brands on promotions and on modelling campaigns.

This young star is apparently doing all the abovesaid independently without a manager or a record label behind him, which arguably makes him the prospective entertainment-industry Icon.

Parlemo made his music debut in 2016 on Sound Cloud. He has since released singles; Play, Savage, Nine10, Pause as well as a hit song, 10k, on major digital platforms with the latter (10k) reaching over 42 000 streams across iTunes, SoundCloud, Audiomack, and Spotify. 10k’s music video has also gathered over 30 400 views on YouTube. It has since premiered on television music channels; Trace Africa and Channel O.

His translucent and invoking rap and singing ability bind the genre of Hip-hop and R n’ B effortlessly, coupled by his versatility in the New sound wave, he has captured a market from a young, predominantly female, populace aged 13-19. His male fan-base stems from a slightly broader population aged 11-21. Growing his brand within these segments would go a long way in consolidating a reliable fan-base.


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