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Interview With Music Maestros ‘POSDUIF’

Recently POSDUIF, a group of talented South African musicians released a song by the name of Herinner My.  Just like all their other songs, Herinner My is pure talent, and extremely enjoyable, however, Herinner My is very much emotional and deep so to speak.

During our brief interview with POSDUIF we learned the origins of Herinner My. The song doesn’t just hold meaning for their listeners, but for each band member as well. Everyone has important people they walk the path of life with, whether it be family, friends, or their partners. Herinner My is a beautiful song that reminds us we should appreciate each moment we have with each relationship that holds value in our lives. The birth of the song can be identified through the hum at the very start. With a powerful nostalgic feel about it, it symbolizes the growth of a seed until the blossoming stage.

Knowing that POSDUIF has the potential and talent to create music with such depth we just had to find out more about each member.

Photo Credit – NDW Photography

POSDUIF’S lead vocalist and guitarist is the charismatic James Boland.  James can be described as someone who truly loves family, friends, travel, and culture. To simplify it, James just loves seeing people around him happy. “Music is a way of sharing stories with people, and with each song, you share a piece of yourself,” he says.  Like a modern-day Batman,  he has a day job and performs by night.  He also genuinely believes in working hard, giving your best, and never giving up.

Also, a guitarist and vocalist is the energetic Nick Jordaan. A Pretoria Boys High School old boy with a degree in marketing and advertising who loves a good dad joke. “Music is the vessel that carries such a wide array of emotions, and for me, there is no better feeling than seeing somebody singing along to a song you wrote,” he says.  If life had taken him on a different path, he would have loved to be a professional football player. He’s also the lead singer of Rubber Duc and he’s been in the music industry since he left school.

Brendon Campbell is the group’s producer and also plays lead guitar. He has been working in the industry for eight years. He studied production at ASE before producing his first hit album for Daniel Baron a few years back. Asked about the highlight of working in the music industry, he says: “We are lucky enough to meet a lot of people, both within the industry and out in the world. A massive highlight for me is the opportunity to experience such a wide and diverse range of people.”

Amiel Gopal plays bass and loves everything there is to love about music and the music industry. He has played guitar since he was eleven years old and has been involved in the industry since he was 18. He also manages the band Rubber Duc. Amiel believes that giving up is only an option for those who choose to live ordinary lives… “So, if you want an out of ordinary life, never give up!”

Saxophonist Kabeey Sax can pretty much play any instrument you can blow into. He studied Jazz performance and was previously with the band Micasa as his calling.

Drummer Leeroy Sauls grew up in Cape Town and says that his biggest musical influence has been in church. “It’s where I started playing drums at the age of ten. Making music has kept me on the right path and has saved me from making bad choices in my life many times.” He has been involved in the industry for 12 years. Leeroy lists his career highlight as working and traveling the world with the legend and mentor Hugh Masekela.

Brendan Campbell, Kabeey Sax, James Boland, Leeroy Sauls, Nick Jordaan, Amiel Gopal

Now knowing a little more about each member, it’s time to find out more about the band itself. The name, the meaning, the interesting detail people rarely have the opportunity to find out.

Being in a time when technology is king, the name POSDUIF makes you wonder. Think about it, e-mails and smartphones are the main sources of communication, yet the band has a name such as POSDUIF. The name originated from a suggestion by one of their friends according to Jordaan. “A friend of ours jokingly said POSDUIF and we were hooked immediately. It’s perfect as we want our music to portray a message.”

During the interview, we felt we had to capitalize on the opportunity and find out how the current COVID-19 pandemic is influencing our music industry. Especially POSDUIF’s plans concerning both the present and the future.

“It’s been difficult as some of us live in different cities, but we are staying positive. During this time, we are trying to survive, staying relevant and continuing to write and produce the music we love. It is time to be innovative in the industry and we are being pushed out of our comfort zone, but maybe it’s a good thing?”

As mentioned the current circumstances are pushing the band to focus on the road less traveled. They will continue doing what they’re busy with and explore whatever opportunity may come their way or those they create for themselves. What they did learn is that the future is going to require more collaboration than ever. More people will be taking risks together and that partnering with the right people will be more important than ever on the entertainment front.



Photo Credit – NDW Photography

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