Praises to Praise Peterson

As the music goes on a therapeutic sensational feeling descends and the empty air is instantly filled with overflowing joy and happiness at the sound of the sweetly melodic, prayerful music that serenades and feeds the soul. Songs from heaven oozing with style and in a unique class of their own. These are the sounds of Praise Peterson.

Meg-Anne: Who is Praise Peterson without the music, as a person?

Praise Peterson: Praise is a fun and charismatic dad. Married to Angel Peterson for seven years and have three children together, Sbusiso, Nelly, and Panashe. Loves to go out and watch movies. I am into property management which I run under the company Temple Properties and also a social media junkie and I love to connect with talented people.

Meg-Anne: When did your journey with music begin specifically gospel music?

Praise Peterson: I have always sung Gospel from a young age. Raised up in a Christian family set up. Mom was a pastor and my dad was a guitarist who released two singles during his college days. Professionally first time I was in the studio was when I was seventeen. I have done five albums that were never released. Songs from heaven are my first public album with hits Goodu, Wait in Jerusalem, Water to wine and Emmanuel.

Meg-Anne: Goodu goodu is a catchy vibed upbeat song, dance tune one might say. Not the traditional church songs like the mainline churches. How do people receive your music?

Praise Peterson: People have received my music shockingly well, I have taken the mainstream sound that people listen to and fused it with lyrical content that will inspire you towards God. It is a new movement that the gospel music industry is slowly evolving into.

Meg-Anne: Where are you taking your music and where is the music taking you?

Praise Peterson: I want to take my music to that person who has never heard about God at all and long to see that life transformed through my music. I want to travel the world and minister in unconventional stages where people do not expect to see a Gospel musician. Taking the Gospel to the nations.

Meg-Anne: Music is the best therapy one can ever have, would you say yours has changed/moved/healed people lives.

Praise Peterson: I receive hundreds of testimonies on social media pages. Just the other day one girl was about to commit suicide and one of my songs that she was listening to inspired her that there are better things coming.

Meg-Anne: Which artist would you love to work with? locally and internationally.

Praise Peterson: Local it would be Khaya Mthetwa and internationally it would be Travis Greene.

Meg-Anne: You have an undeniable gift of music and a platform to showcase this God-given talent. What message would you like to put out there to the masses?

Praise Peterson: I want to inspire people unto God first and foremost. Secondly, I would like to encourage them with my music through different situations they go through in life.

Meg-Anne: Where can we get hold of your music?

Praise Peterson: Online stores iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Spotify. It will be available In stores around South Africa by the 9th of March 2018. And on YouTube page Praise Peterson TV.

MegAnne: As a committed family man, a father, and husband how do you balance in such a demanding industry?

Praise Peterson: When I am not traveling I spend most of my time with my wife and children. We have date nights and take the Children out.

Meg-Anne: If you could change one thing in this world through music what would it be?

Praise Peterson: Simple perception towards one another. Not to judge someone from afar. That has closed so many doors for people and hindered a lot of great projects and ideas from manifestation. Love God love people.

Incredible Gospel music that is being created by this talented phenomenal man. Get your hands on his new album, Songs from Heaven in stores and add to your collection and enjoy!!!!

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  • 1 thing I thank God for is his FAITHFULNES in our lives,Praise himself is a living testimony and the ministry that God invested in him builds and encourages me and my family..may God multiply you for us..may u be blessed to bless.

  • Amazing music indeed especially ‘Wait in Jerusalem.’ the message delivered through your music makes a huge difference. Keep up the awesome work and continue to fear God and He will lift you to higher hights!!!

  • Each time I listen to your music my spirit gets lifted up. You’re a blessing to our generation my brother. I pray to God that he download more creative ideas into you to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ is this world we’re living today which is full of pain. I love you my brother. Shalom

  • What I love about Praise Peterson, who is my beautiful Husband…. It’s being PERSISTENT with the things of God… With God, it doesn’t matter what time it is when God drops a song in him, he will jump from the bed and records it on his phone to make sure it will be recorded for me and you out there, releasing a message from God. May God continue speaking through his Music to touch and change pples lives until God’s purpose prevails.Shalom

  • Amazing grace!!! The first time I saw Praise Petersen on One Gospel I was touched by his way of worshiping God, second time I saw him on Prophetic channel I was amazed indulged and excited, keep on being an inspirational Gospel King Praise🐾

  • Brother Praise and His beautiful wife are amazing his songs touch lives and their love changes lives . may God continue to bless them

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