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Established in March 2017, Blue Monkey Magazine is the ideal online portal for the need to know concerning what’s happening in South Africa. From the next rising star to the latest product hitting the shelves, Blue Monkey introduces its readers to a variety of attention-grabbing content. As the saying goes, “The future holds no limit”, we have decided to take the next big step and transform Blue Monkey Magazine into a printed publication as well. This, however, will not be possible without our dedicated advertisers and loyal readers.

The first issue is set to release mid-March and will be distributed across Gauteng!

The printed version will be totally free! Meaning more readers will be able to grab and enjoy it! However, in order to keep it a free magazine, we will solely be dependable on advertisers.

If you want your business to be seen in the magazine get in touch with us! By taking out a printed ad means you will receive full online advertising as a way of saying thank you : )

As a way of involving all Blue Monkey readers, we are allowing them the opportunity to benefit from this movement as well. If you know anyone keen on being part of this rising publication by taking out an ad you will be compensated. Every ad you bring in means more money in your pocket!

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