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From Hobby to Career – Ricky G Leamus

For the last couple of years, people have made careers out of what some would call hobbies. From graffiti artists decorating our neighbourhoods with colourful murals to social media stars posting hilarious videos. We managed to snag a quick interview with Ricky G Leamus, one of the top YouTubers in South Africa.

Before his rise in the online world, Ricky started out as A determined bible student. Attending multiple biblical courses it was in 2007 when he found an interest in video editing. Doing video editing for fun and for friends, Ricky slowly honed his skills and decided to combine his love for ministry and his passion for video editing. By 2010, he dabbled in motivational speaking and creating motivational videos for schools and students. This went on for a good 2 to 3 years, and everything seemed so bright. Although all his videos were off camera, Ricky did upload all of his content onto YouTube for learners to watch freely. As the channel’s views and popularity grew, so did the feedback he received. Unfortunately, not all the feedback was positive and in the end, Ricky’s channel was shut down.

With his first channel being shut down, Ricky never gave up on what he loves. He continued perfecting his entire skill set and when 2012 rolled up so did the birth of the Ricky G Leamus channel. However, something was  different! For the very first time, Ricky was on camera and his viewers could see who they’ve been admiring for the past couple of years. The first content to be uploaded was various videos and tutorials about Forex trading, another interest that Ricky picked up somewhere along with his career. This lasted a solid 4 years and by 2016 Ricky had a rather impressive viewer base. Yet, as we all know, a passionate person needs growth!

When it came to Forex trading, viewers grew slow and steadily, but when Ricky decided to drop trading videos and focus his attention towards where his heart truly lies, which was still ministry, that’s when things took off. That single decision lead Ricky to produce a never before seen video genre within South Africa. All his videos consisted of him sharing his biblical views and opinions on everyday events and occurrences within our vibrant country. Commenting on certain events, such as a local Pastor warding off evil by spraying his followers with Doom, people seemed to be drawn to Ricky’s thoughts and opinion.

Coming 2017, his channel was 3,000 followers strong! That is impressive for any South African YouTuber. However, what’s more, impressive is that in 2019, only 2 years later, The Ricky G Leamus channel was standing on over 16, 000 followers. Being honest with Blue Monkey, Ricky did mention that making a full-time career out of creating YouTube videos is rather challenging, yet it is not impossible.

In order to sustain himself and be able to create content for his channel, Ricky is still very active in the Forex market. However, thanks to the continuing growth of his channel, he comes closer and closer to making content creation part of his career. In our interview with Ricky, he shares with us that one thing he loves about the entire YouTube journey is breaking records and setting new milestones. With his most popular video to date, The Alph Lukau resurrection video, Ricky received an astonishing 750, 000 plus views!  Not soon after the celebrations stopped, Ricky was faced with a new determination. The determination of beating his own record! Certainly a driven individual.

One thing we hope all our readers gain from reading this article is that if you’re truly passionate about anything, then giving up is never an option. It doesn’t matter if you’re an aspiring musician, a fellow YouTuber or a rising comedian, if you love what you’re doing, you will never stop growing. Ricky did luckily leave us with one tip we can all benefit from. He states that someone who is passionate, will produce something unique, and being unique is a cornerstone in taking anything from hobby to career. Duplicating another individual’s work can only take you so far.


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