Rochelle, a fiery talent

Having written 5 songs with the one and only Heinz Winckler, you can clearly see that Rochelle isn’t a newcomer to the South African music scene. But now we ask, where did it all start for her?

Growing up in Komatipoort, a small town on the border of Mozambique. Rochelle has had a musical talent since a young age but she only truly discovered her passion for music during her time spent as part of a high school revue. Being on stage and seeing with how much love everyone reacted, she immediately knew that this is what she was meant to be doing.

Although talent can take you far, practice is what helps you climb the ladder to success. Rochelle says that she has to practise daily in order to hone her one of a kind voice. Rochelle has a unique alto voice which makes people fall in love with her performance right away. She might have a rare voice, but Rochelle believes that it doesn’t make her stand out when it comes to other artists as all artists have their own individual spark.

Luckily South Africa will get to experience more of Rochelle’s fiery voice as she plans on joining MAD Entertainment, and when we asked her what else she has planned for 2018 she replied with, “To sing as much as possible for as many people as I can.”




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