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Saving South African Agriculture

As any South African would know, farming and all things agriculture is what makes our country what it is. However, sometimes certain circumstances can shake our entire agriculture foundation.

Various South African regions are experiencing crippling droughts like never before. In some areas there hasn’t been any rain fall in the past 8 years. Thus, farmers are in desperate need of outside assistance. Without emergency relief livestock will die, crops will perish and South Africa’s food resources will wither away.

The drought is also having a negative impact on other sectors such as employment. Since the drought has started, unemployment numbers have increased. If this dire situation should continue we fear that business, economic, legal, technological and political environments will be impacted negatively.

One specific organization, Boere Droogte Hulp SA NPC has surfaced with the sole goal to try to provide as much aid as possible.

Boere Droogte Hulp SA NPC together with volunteers, sponsors and donors take on thousands of kilometers to deliver feed, fodder and aid to the farming communities. The number of farmers and their families reached is determined by the generosity of our donors and sponsors. We are fully dependent on financial and physical (e.g. feed, fodder, food parcels, water and diesel) donations. We deliver support to families living in the worst drought-affected areas in South Africa.

We want to strengthen the capacity of families to survive, specifically helping to make the lives of the children as normal as possible and help with the livestock. Give them a bit of relieve. Many people are tired and despondent and while Boere Droogte Hulp SA is doing a lot already, we still see a huge need, and we are willing to do all we can to help.

South Africans, our country has kept us fed for years and years, now it’s our turn to help nurture our beautiful place of life. Blue Monkey highly encourages everyone reading this to lend a helping hand!

The public can get involved by helping them with donations, food etc…

  • drinking water supplies
  • food parcels, toiletries, day to day necessities
  • feed and medical assistance of the livestock
  • Sponsor of transport and or fuel
  • By joining us on our next outreach to help those in need
  • Making donations in the bank account to assist us in the above

Boere Droogte Hulp SA has a long-term strategy to provide practical and emotional support for farming families in South Africa. This forms a big part of Boere Droogte Hulp SA´s initiative; getting the right solutions to the people who need it most. We are busy setting up a Website for international assistance. Chris is passionate about the need for Boere Droogte Hulp SA to journey with farming families for the long-term.


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Riaan AG Beeslaar

Written by the founder and editor of Blue Monkey Magazine.

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