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Quick chat to renown writer, Stefan Enslin

Entertainment is one big three with a variety of different branches. A while back we managed to snag a quick interview with renown writer, Stefan Enslin. From establishing Faith in Motion Productions to the creation of his film titled Klein Karoo, Stefa has managed to be apart of a wide range of different projects, thus we decided to get to know him a bit better.

1. When did you decide that writing is what you want to do for the rest of your life? What went through your head? Were you scared, knowing that it isn’t an easy industry to make a success in. Especially in South Africa?

“I always knew that telling stories is what I love. I could (and still to this day) never just tell a story; I have to give detail. I want to ensure people get the full picture. Although I started ‘writing’ when I was 14-years old, it was only by accident in 2012 that I got into writing novels. I wrote a screenplay and was looking for a producer (before I became a producer). Every producer I spoke to declined until I ran out of options. Out of pure desperation, I decided to adapt the screenplay into a novel. I was very fortunate that a publisher picked it up, it became a best-seller and I got a co-producer and the rest is history. But because I knew God called me to this industry, I was never scared. Success for me is stepping out of the boat. Money etcetera are the fruits of the success.”

2. Between all the projects you worked on, which one stands out the most, and why?

“Strikdas. Purely because it was my very first feature film as writer and producer.”

The third question I think we can all personally relate to in a way. It doesn’t matter what we do in life, either our career or something takes out a big chunk of our time, and not all of us always have enough time to spend with our family and loved ones.

3. How do you separate your career from your personal life? Do you switch off being a writer and switch on being a husband/ father or isn’t it necessary?

For most part I really struggled to separate the two because I had a home office, which meant I never left the office. It was only from last year onwards that my office is not at home anymore and therefore I find it much easier to separate the two. Personally it’s not necessary to switch on and off just because I cannot be both. To write I have to be in the moment away from all distractions otherwise it’s impossible to write.

4. When creating new characters, where do most of the inspiration come from? Are they all based on people you know? Perhaps they are all completely made up?

I get asked this question a lot. I always say that you cannot write without taking something from reality. We write because something we saw, heard or experienced triggers a story. And so we implement these ‘true life’ experiences into our own fictional ones, but obviously, adapt it to fit the milieu we create in. I have never based a character 100% on someone I knew. They are all a mixture of people I got to know, saw or have met randomly as I want my characters to be unique and again they have to fit my story otherwise they won’t work for what we set out to achieve.

5. I myself being a writer find it difficult to make a living. What advice would you give me?

My return question would be: Why do you want to write, to become rich? If so you are in for a nasty surprise because only a handful of writers in the world can do so fulltime. The rest of us all need a second income. But that’s not deterring us from writing. We write because without it we feel empty. It is also a visual outlet to our imagination. Plus, if you do what you love you’ll never have to work another day in your life.




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