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Stock Theft’s Negative Impact

The negative impact of stock theft on the economy is enormous and seldom addressed.

Stock theft is not only an emotional crime but is responsible for most of the job losses in the agricultural sector. Particular sheep farmers often stop farming operations due to the amount of sheep stolen and slaughtered. Making it no longer a viable farming practice. The cruelty at slaughtering scenes is a devastating and traumatic experience for farmers.

The Provisional Stock theft forum is making an urgent call on all role players to play a more active role in the prevention and combatting of stock theft.

The general public is requested to report all suspicious activities and not to buy any meat products from informal markets or on the street.

The drastic increase in stock theft can be attributed to more cases being reported and or the increase in the number of animals stolen per case.

An animal that is poorly branded/marked is more likely targeted for stock thieves as it is more difficult to prove ownership.

The RPO Gauteng request that farmers and SAPS work together during the festive season to combat crime. We also thank farmers who comply with the required Identification legislation and farmers who assist SAPS and do regular patrols.

RPO Gauteng request auction houses and farmers to familiarize themselves with new Legislation as published in the Government Gazette. Farmers selling animals privately should complete Art 6 and 8 documents ( removal and identification document ) and supply seller with such, including a copy of registered identification brand mark/tattoo and a copy of ID doc of the owner of animals.

Let’s all work together to fight this crime!

Jaco Taute

RPO Gauteng


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