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Fhulufhelo Sinthumule aka THE GOOD KID made headline news when it was announced that this young talented artist was nominated for BEST NEWCOMER at the 011 Awards!

This 21-year-old rising star known for his mad skills in Hip-Hop & Afro Trap found a passion for music at the early age of five. He shares with us that one of his biggest influencers was his father, playing jazz music every Sunday morning and hip hop on their way to school. Without even realizing it, music became part of his DNA.

THE GOOD KID’s talent just seemed to grow as the years went by and on the 16th of February 2019, he dropped the EP titled NOW ITS JUST A DREAM that got him nominated at the 011 Awards for Best Newcomer! The following month, he dropped the DELUX edition of NOW ITS JUST A DREAM.

Knowing that he has also shared the stage with the likes of  Yung Swiss and Zooci Coke Dope is a clear indication that he is moving in the right direction. Not to mention that THE GOOD KID has also featured in a music video that won SAHHA’S Song of the Year.

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