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Transforming Mrs to Ms; A Woman’s Guide to Divorce

Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences that one can endure. It’s a journey where women have to search deep into the trenches of our souls to rediscover ourselves. Divorce ranks just below death on the stress scale and rightly so. With divorce comes a host of issues which include readjustment of identity, moving houses, loss of social standing, loss of confidence, single parenting and readjustment of finances.

It also sometimes includes a sense of personal failure, guilt and shame and it’s easy to understand why this in turn might cause the person to easily become embittered. In her book, Prenita Reddi the author, encourages women to rather use the experience as a journey to grow, as a journey of self-discovery, to re-discover their passions, increase their self-confidence, identify their hidden talents and test their hearts ability to heal and forgive and set themselves free to emerge as stronger versions of themselves. The intention of the book is to be a supportive reference that creates awareness and offers sensible guidance through the often ‘perplexing’ and emotional phases that are involved during the process of divorce.

It is a simply written and practical book, which is enriched by her knowledge of the terrain. An added bonus is details of her coping mechanisms which she shares in an effort to assist others, particularly women, embroiled in the remnants of failed marriages. She hopes that her book will encourage divorcing and divorced women to use this often painful experience to become empowered rather than embittered. Prenita Reddi is a driven, adventurous and passionate individual who is also a vertified life coach, entrepreneur, speaker and author of the book ‘Transforming Mrs to Ms; A Woman’s Guide to Divorce.

At 24 she was a single mother struggling to survive while she went trough her own divorce. Her divorce left her bruised but did not break her. She is now happily remarried to her loving husband Vinesh and they share 3 beautiful children, Nekeesha, Ashaan and Kiyaan. Being a wife mum, avid traveller and feeding scheme volunteer; she constantly finds herself juggling life and loving it.

Prenita Reddi has now set her sights towards her next project, which is a follow on from the book. With an already created facebook group called ‘Transforming Mrs to Ms’ which is aimed at women who are divorced or currently going through a divorce as well as women who have chosen to get remarried, like her. The purpose of the group is to aid and assist other women during this sometimes very ‘defining moment’ in their lives and to make that journey a little bit easier. It’s a safe space for women to vent their emotions but at the same time get inspiration and encouragement from others who ‘have been there’.

She is also currently looking to run a Mrs to Ms Healing Retreat twice a year, in Johannesburg, to help speed up and assist with the emotional healing process of divorce. Concerning a second book, Prenita shares with us that she has in fact been giving it some thought, however, it’s still a maybe. Prenita first wants to see how the launch goes and how well the book is received. She likes giving a voice to divorce issues that society masks. So if all goes well, she hopes to have a second book by the end of next year.

While we had the opportunity to talk to author Prenita Reddi, we had to ask her what advice would she share with aspiring writers.

“Most aspiring writers have a dream, but only a few will realise it because majority of people hold back because they are afraid. Afraid that they might not write well, afraid that they might not articulate well, afraid that no one will buy their vision and concept, afraid what other people will say and mostly afraid to just believe in themselves. To these people I say that’s why we have editors, proof readers and publishers. If you have something important to share, share it! The people who need it will receive it. Even if just one person is touched by your words, you have made a difference and that alone will make your effort and hard work worthwhile.”




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