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Tussen Sterre – Agapé music video! Behind the scene.

Makiti Wedding Venue in Krugersdorp was where the magic happened on the 5th of July. The team behind the magic was none other than The Reel Thing team. The team consists of Ruan Kotze and Hencas van Huyssteen.

For a whole day, the venue transformed into a scene from a fairy tale. It was the ideal environment to shoot “Agapé”, the latest music video for Tussen Sterre.

Kate & Login

The leading roles were played by Kate Roothman from Getroud Met Rugby and Login Timbre from West Side Story. The two made a picture perfect wedding couple. Thanks to Unmissable Makeup, the entire cast looked straight out of a Hollywood Blockbuster. Kate’s wedding dress was also considered the highlight of the event! Marlize Meeding made sure of that.


The music video is truly going to be a highlight of 2018 for Tussen Sterre. Unfortunately, we don’t want to spoil it, so here are some behind the scene photos for you to get a taste of what’s still to come. Follow Tussen Sterre on social media to know exactly when the music video is out. Also a big thank you to The Marketing Zoo for the opportunity to be apart of everything.





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