What’s Your Heritage?

Who are you? What is your heritage? My heritage defines the person I am today. Entwined with rich culture and tradition the being which is me was moulded and designed by my ancestors who have passed down from generation to generation their ways of doing things and gifted me with a sense of pride and belonging.

America has the Great Canyon, Zimbabwe has the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, we here in South Africa, we have Table Mountain, The Cradle of Humankind, The Kruger National Park and many more. South Africa being a diverse and colourful country is the perfect place to explore and experience the different heritages it has to offer. Different traditions, different cultures and all the eleven spoken languages across the country are fused together to produce a unique rainbow nation that is one of a kind indeed. National monuments and numerous other sites have been preserved not just for its citizens but for others to also come learn and see what makes us uniquely different.

You could be an Aborigine child adopted by an American father and a Tanzanian mother being raised right at the core of Nigeria. This does not make you any confused or an alien, it only makes you uniquely special and blessed in my view. Look at it this way, the values that have been instilled in you, where you came from, what you have learnt, where you are going, the acceptance in the community you live in is who you are. Race and colour are just but that. The main factor is who you are as a being, a person with roots, values, dignified and humble but most of all a person who appreciates and is truly proud of their heritage.

Fashion and food play a major role in heritage too. You can easily identify who is from where with their attires. So artistic, some beaded some patched and numerous other designs, all like a living artwork on canvas. Simply beautiful. The food, it’s aroma is so inviting and it instantly draws you home no matter which part of the world you are in. Downtown London you are transported to Durban when you spot a Bunny chow, that glorious mango salsa, the slap chips and the potato crisps layered and topped off with a chunky piece of polony and as you bite into it all its flavours explode in your mouth screaming home. All this achieved just through food!

 Be proud of your heritage, preserve it, praise it and become it.


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