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“Through style, you can communicate to the world who you are and what you stand for” – Solange Knowles

In an era where your appearance has become a component to enhance what you believe or feel passionately about, the fashion industry has turned to trends like word print or even controversial colour pallets like pastel pinks and strong bold colours resembling dark chocolate browns, connected to different social topics like sexual statuses and embracing body shapes and tones. A new brand which is not just challenging the stigma of colour but also material is launching a new collection for all art lovers seeking something unique, what do you think of when I say yarn? Yes yarn is a very natural and comfortable fabric used for a number of items which SEIZENL WEAR has used by crocheting handmade into amazing innovative outfits for all.

SEIZENL WEAR was started by two young entrepreneurs called Ntebatše ‘Ntibi’ Rachidi and Lungile ‘Lungi’ Maseko in 2015 but later launched in 2017. This amazing duet came up with the remarkable idea of creating a crochet based fashion line that not just only accommodates the youth and young women but will soon be venturing into none gender based outfits, which started due to a high demand from their school mates. This socially conscious creation is stylistically aiming to satisfy their clients with merchandise that personifies the client’s character. While Ntibi completes her final year in Geological sciences and lungi also wraps up her Bsocsci course they both are undoubtedly drawn towards building themselves as visual artists with a company campaign foundered on ‘transcending the boundaries of gendered clothing’. When asked how they reached this concept they mentioned that ‘We came from a place where we initially gendered our own clothing by including only cis-gendered femme, presenting women in our first photoshoot’ which then was changed due to feedback from the potential clients seeking versatile clothing.

As usual I asked these artists what inspires their clothing line?

Ntibi: I am inspired by creating clothing items with an eclectic style as I don’t only draw inspiration from the fashion industry but the creative industry as a whole.

Lungi: Some of my inspiration comes from colours and shapes that I see. But I love scrolling through google and looking at old photos of high fashion.

I then asked, who are their fashion role models?

Ntibi: my idol in the fashion industry is definitely Willow Smith. I love how she extends her creative personality into her outfits. She has this unique ability to defy while inventing the meaning of fashion and I find that truly inspirational. She was also recently titled a New Fashion Icon award by British Fashion Council as well as a Chanel ambassador, which for me simply approved her as relevant in the fashion industry.

Lungi: I’m still stumbling my way around the fashion industry so isolating one role model or idol is still a challenge, but I came across Julia Sarr-Jamois on someone’s twitter timeline and checked out her page. Her outfits involved different style combinations and bright colours really caught my eye. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to get right personally, but have never been daring enough to try.

With amazing pieces created by Ntibi and Lungi to suit your needs it would be shameful not to support and order some of SeizeNL Wear’s merchandise. This fashion line has high ambitions to dress the likes of Solange Knowles and Willow Smith who are both know as fashion icons, showcasing their unique artistry through their aesthetics matching perfectly with the SeizeNL Wear mission. So go ahead and book your favourite handmade piece, help support the awareness of this local brand by directly contacting them via their social media pages on Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to look out for their new collection at the beginning of February 2018


‘Flexibility with yourself and your looks shows self-confidence’ – Willow Smith

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