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Zakeeya Patel from ‘3 Days to Go’

With ‘3 Days to Go’ being the most brought up subject of any conversation regarding movies, we managed to snag a quick interview with one of the leading ladies.  We asked Zakeeya Patel who plays the role of ‘Candice Isaac’ about her views and thoughts on various aspects of the movie.

Going into the movie ‘3 Days to Go’, what was your first impression of your character ‘Candice Isaac’? Do you share similarities with the character and if so what are they? If you differ a lot, why do you say that?

“When I was working with my acting coach on the role she asked me what I thought about Candice- the first thing I said was: “She’s a hoe!” Then she reminded me of one of the most beautiful lessons I’ve learnt about acting. She said: “Apart from the emotional side, the psychological side and the physical side [which I absolutely love: transforming my body and wardrobe into a completely different person] there is also the spiritual side of acting. The side that is empathetic and connects with another person to their very soul. The part that holds some young woman in South Africa’s story gently in your hands and allows her to experience catharsis from seeing her story told and resolved.” Candice became a mother of two in her teens and has two different baby daddies. There is such a sad story of a young woman desperate for love and searching for it wherever she can. Underneath all her sassiness, attitude and party girl behaviour she is deeply hurting- which is why she behaves as she does- dating married men and finding escape in drugs. We aren’t very similar- except for the fact that we both like to wear short shorts.”

Reading the plot and synopsis I notice there are a lot of emotional scenes. No doubt sadness and the feeling of loss comes to light. Did the emotional scenes have more impact on you than you thought it would?

“When you read a scene on paper you are never fully prepared for the impact you could experience on set. I absolutely loved the challenge of tackling such powerfully emotional scenes. Before we started shooting I worked closely with my acting coach to bring the truth to each scene but they really came to life opposite Jailoshni’s nuanced and brilliant performance. I absolutely loved the chemistry we shared.”

The family members depicted in the movie are rather all over the place and each member is unique in their own unique way. Yet, we all have someone in our own families resembling a certain character. Thus, I feel the movie has a lot of teachable moments. Would you agree and what do you think is the biggest lesson one could learn from watching ‘3 Days to Go’?

“I don’t think that ‘3 Days to Go’ is going to pass on words of wisdom to its viewers. That is not the kind of movie it is- it doesn’t have a strong lesson that it is pushing. It will, however, move you- it will make you laugh, it will make you ache and you will definitely relate to some of the crazy family members – because let’s be honest- everyone’s family is a little nuts.”

. . .

After being so intrigued by Zakeeya’s answers, we just had to ask if there is still something she would love to do during her acting career, and trust me her answer was rather surprising. We learned she would love to do a superhero movie with tons of stunts, action, the works! Playing a real-life version of a Disney character also came up in our conversation. Apparently Zakeeya absolutely loves The Little Mermaid.  

Coming to an end with the interview we left Zakeeya with one final question. We asked her to share with our readers what does she think is necessary in order to reach your goals in life. She immediately replied with the two words ‘hard work’.  She believes it doesn’t matter if you’re not the smartest or the prettiest but if you work the hardest then success is bound to cross your path sooner or later. Zakeeya lives by Will Smith’s treadmill quote: ‘The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is that I am not afraid to die on the treadmill. I will not be outworked, period. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things, you got me in nine categories. But if we get on the treadmill together, there are two things: you’re getting off first, or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple, right?’

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